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9700 S. Dixie Hw., Suite 910, Miami, Fl 33156
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm
Wed: 10:30am – 8:30pm

No Insurance? No Problem!

 Smart Smiles Plan Logo  Save on dental costs. BETTER than insurance. 

Our Smart Smiles plan is the ultimate dental discount plan designed to help patients save money while improving oral and overall health. With one low annual membership fee ($299/year for the 1st member and $249/year for each additional family member), you receive discounts on every visit and start saving from day one.

Our Smart Smiles plan members enjoy the following annual benefits: 

  • Two FREE dental cleanings per year (D1110)
  • One FREE comprehensive oral exam per year (D0150)
  • One FREE initial x-ray series (D0274 and D0330 or D0210)
  • One FREE Zoom Whitening for adults (includes custom trays and at-home whitening gel) (D9972)
  • One FREE fluoride varnish treatment for kids (D1203)
  • Free emergency exams (D0140)
  • 20% OFF all preventative, major, cosmetic and specialty dental care (no limit!)
  • 15% OFF all orthodontics, including Invisalign
  • 10% OFF all home health aides (i.e., electric toothbrushes, whitening gel, toothpastes, etc.)
  • NO deductibles, NO claims to send, NO waiting periods, NO maximums & NO hidden fees!



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